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Making the move to Tumblr with a new website “Travelstorytotell”…

…I have started a new blog that lets me talk specifically about travel.

For both work and play, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel rather frequently over the last 4-5 years and collected lots of experiences, memories and photos.

There have been times I asked myself “Hey,wouldn’t it be nice to know what a location holds?” or “Wonder what the hotel room looks like?” and “Is there anything to do there while traveling for work?”, before I actually reached the destination. Of course, Tripadvisor happened and it was like a breath of fresh air. Within minutes, I could now check on location-specific information before travel!!

In fact, my 2009 holiday to Hong Kong was planned with Tripadvisor, from before booking flights, to selecting a hotel, to choosing restaurants and places to visit. Wasn’t too bad an experience as well, to be honest.

My most recent trip to Chiang Rai was in August this year and I hired our guide to bring us around the Thai end of the Golden Triangle by looking at the forums on Chiang Rai in Tripadvisor.

All said and done, as a portal, Tripadvisor’s great. However, I still felt slightly unsatisfied. Not at the portal, which I re-iterate, it’s great, but that I am not contributing anything back to the travel community at large. I thought about being a frequent forum contributor or even a “country expert” but the consistency and frequency of posting would be a challenge given my travel schedule for work. I also want to retain the right to be refreshingly candid and honest vs. being politically correct and moderated by other people.

Experiences are subjective and they deserve to be treated as such. Bloggers are not journalists; as a blogger, I can express an opinion vs. a position and choose to share emotions rather than logic (especially when someone at the destination screws me over figuratively).

So I went ahead and bought the Travelstorytotell domain. Do continue to support me (and my blogging) as I share write-ups and photos about my travels and my thoughts about the bits of culture and life that I encounter when being mobile as well as my observations about Singapore where I am currently based.

Travelstorytotell will also cover interesting developments in the world of travel, sharing news on technology, culture, travel industry and F&B.

See you at Travelstorytotell!


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