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Technology didn’t get along with me this weekend…

…where I had to find a way to get the WiFi talking to my new Lenovo Y550p Win 7 laptop. After much angst and frustration and half of my Saturday spent pretty much identifying and isolating which areas (adaptor, homegroup,etc) that could be causing the “no communication” and afterward applying solution after solution (turn off IPV6, switch off security on SSID, etc), I gave up when I tried to update the firmware on my Linksys WRT54G router and it died on me.

Moving on to Sunday, I bought a new Linksys router, which (unfortunately) was cheaper than the Dlink equivalent at Challenger Parkway Parade. Did the set-up which (thankfully) was easier than I anticipated and the machines all talk to the router that brings in the joys of the internet age back to this household.

Thinking that the 8 hours in total (6 playing around and getting ready to throw laptop/router/model in that order against wall and 2 spent driving, walking and paying for new router at Challenger) was spent and the weekend can properly begin, I find my iPhone deciding to declare war with iTunes that’s installed on my Win 7 PC.

After 2 more hours spent syncing, backing-up, restoring and re-ordering (the apps) many many times, I have the iPhone back to a resemblance of order. Along the way, I lost my photos in the camera roll, a video of my rabbit (and possibly another video) and my contacts all multiplied by the number of times I restored my iPhone. Thanks to the “merge” function on Google Contacts, I didn’t have to worry about the last output. I still want my photos and video back though.

Apple and Microsoft (and Linksys-Cisco) have really been the cause of a wasted weekend. Google has been the only bright spark.

By the way, if you need to know about trouble-shooting WiFi problems:

1. Switching off IPV6 on your wireless adaptor, under device management, will not help.

2. Turning off the “Homegroup” functionality (which really only allows Win 7 devices to talk to each other across a shared network) will help.

3. Upgrading your wireless adaptor driver, through Windows Update, will help.

4. Upgrading your firmware either without a LAN cable and/or a tech-desk on standby won’t.

5. Setting a WPA/WPA2 + AEP password for your SSID is good and will help keep your network secure.

6. Linksys-Cisco and/or Microsoft need to start working together to ensure legacy systems can work with each other. If Microsoft releases a new OS and the machine that people use to go online with isn’t updated properly, it’s not fair to get us to pay more money. Linksys solved my problem of connecting but they sure as hell don’t have my loyalty now, I will switch for price.

If you need to know about the iPhone solution:

1. Backup if you don’t already do so automatically. Backup everytime you sync your iPhone with your PC.

2. Email your photos to yourself from your camera roll. On the bottom left corner, there will be a small box with an arrow, click on it and it will give you the option to email. Set up your email on your iPhone.

3. Don’t bother taking videos since that won’t be easy to transfer out. Otherwise, use your email to send it to yourself.

4. Save and sync your contacts over the air with Google. You can google how to do so very easily and you won’t ever need iTunes to help you screw up your contacts list. With Google contacts, everything is saved with your Google account and you can access this to update or add even through the browser. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to do so through your iPhone as well.

FYI, I am using an iPhone 3Gs. And no I have not even considered downloading OS4 yet, not after all the tribulations I went through this weekend.



  larze wrote @

OS 4 is worth it! Although it sounds like you’ve had quite the weekend, I would give it a go 🙂

  inspirethereal wrote @

2 weeks down the road and I am still having trouble syncing my iPhone and my Win 7 together well i.e. the way it is supposed to.

So…I am going to give OS4 some time before I install and upgrade.

I might even give Android a chance once the form factors improve.

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