when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


A thought occured to me yesterday…

…about how, in the last ten years, we have taken the evolution of the internet and more recently wi-fi for granted. Imagine back in 2000, we used to have to dial in through a modem to access the internet on a dumb-ed down (at least compared to now) web browser that didn’t really have much content to send you around to. There was no broadband, it was called dial-up; and you literally dialled to the internet through a phone line.

I used to get so frustrated when in the middle of umm downloading stuff email, someone will call in and the line will be disconnected.

Now, we are all “wi-fied” and data is transferred almost ‘magically’ (I am using this term very liberally) into a desktop/laptop. We no longer wait ages for a webpage to load or spend time making sure the phone line is correctly plugged into the right socket.

In fact, beyond the laptop and out of the home with the iPhone, I find that I am replying and sending emails more than ever before. Because it’s simple and painless. That’s exactly what technology should do.


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