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One day in Kuala Lumpur…

…I normally do the Kuala Lumpur (KL) trip in a rush. I rush to the airport in the morning, to check in, to the first and subsequent meetings, before a rush to dinner somewhere (hopefully local) and finally back to the hotel to grab some sleep and a repeat of the process again the next day. This continues until the final dash to the airport where I try my darnest not to miss my flight.

(Note to self: I will try to get my boarding pass at least 30 minutes before the flight)

My trip today to KL was slightly different given that primarily I was not rushing from point to point AND importantly I found time to take some pictures.

Here are a few of the pictures taken today; the rest are located at my Flickr page found here.

Took a few trains today vs. getting stuck in traffic. Apparently everyone drives in KL so some locals haven’t even taken the KTM Komuter before!

Managed to capture a picture of the train pulling intoMid-Valley station (on the KL Komuter line).

Found a little piece of zen in a bookstore at Mid-valley Megamall.

Made my way back from Mid-valley to KLCC in the later part of the afternoon.Took a shot of the fountain and park next to KLCC from one of the buildings overlooking the area.

Next up was awesome food at a hidden gem about 15 minutes drive from KLCC, somewhere along Jalan Ampang. There were 5 dishes, 5 people and that came up to about RM 140 (USD 43).

More photos to come tomorrow!


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