when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


A commentary on thoughts playing with shadows and corners

What happens when you come across a thought, the line of thinking it becomes, which just does not go away?

How do you take, hold or pin it down, turn it on angles, perhaps analyze and maybe toss it away?

Is it even possible to take a throw when a thought is elusive but persistent?

When it play at corners and runs with shadows but always lagging a short moment and perceived again from a different second?

Where do you corner and direct it toward, trap it in some moving train of “what ifs” in order to better define its form?

Will you let it go, recognizing  that the thought will return again, in another second, when it’s part of the process or maybe not?

Do you want to or perhaps even choose to, as sometimes it’s comforting to know that a familiar presence is just around a corner?

Maybe it’s easier to pretend annonyance, feign disturbance, where you can deal with the thought rationally and let it become a component of another process?

Or wouldn’t it simply be easier to let it go and morph into another thought, move into another train, become another “What if”.


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