when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


Saturday night Orchard Central – drinks, dinner, ice-Cream, more drinks

Started listening to Cd 1 of “100 Greatest Nineties” in the car on the way home from a great evening. That’s one way of getting a person nostalgic. Man, things were really simple back then.

Life wasn’t so complicated, we were younger and there just wasn’t as much significance when making decisions that we now do.

However, time moves onward, forward and that state of mind becomes just another memory that we turn to, when things get bad, work gets tough-er and life just isn’t as kind as before.


As written earlier, had a really great evening out with the LT 10 folk at Orchard Central.

FB-ed previously about Ion Orchard. I prefer Orchard Central already. The place has a good vibe about it; I think in days to come, it will be a really enjoyable place to spend a weekend afternoon/evening. Heard the parking’s limited tho, so that’s a bitch.

View of the Perankan Place shophouses

Sunset as seen from Heaven's Loft

Had a ho-hum dinner at Heaven’s Loft. The best things going for the restaurant, they got an awesome view and really attentive service staff. The not-so-good thing, they need to increase the variety on their menu. The worst thing, don’t try the Two Dogs Riesling – it is too sweet for a dry wine. Also, they have a Ben & Jerry’s outlet in the restaurant BUT you got to order the ice cream from the restaurant menu which they mark up quite a bit. Easier to pay the dinner bill and take-away from B&J.

Just us.

Alert! Gelare does not serve free water. Less reason to patronize their outlets.

We were rather lucky to catch some fire-twirlers/performers. Ok, I don’t know the official term we call those guys who twirl, swing, fling giant lighted match-sticks. Really impressive tho.

Outside Orchard Central next to the 'express' escalators

Inside Orchard Central, first floor near the elevators

Two at a time!Damn I love my Lumix camera.

Ended the evening at Acid Bar where we caught this accoustic band 53A. Good good stuff! The lead singer, Sara, has got a strong voice and the band handled different genres of music requests really nicely. Read some positive articles searched from Google about the band. Will definitely catch them again soon.

Found a Youtube video of a “live” performance of 53A doing “Nobody”.

Acid Bar has a 1-1 Asahi bottle promotion for $12 from 6-9pm. If you like Asahi like I do, take note!


Just ripped Cd 2. With artistes such as Gabrielle, Indecent Obsession, Mari Hamada, Wet Wet Wet, the night promises to continue onward.

I really don’t want this weekend to end.


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