when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


I think and I thought and I still ain’t closer yet…

It’s not often that I start a blog-post and realise that I am not able to articulate what my thoughts are. Now is one such moment.

It seems easy to just think the thoughts but what do you do when there’s no obvious answer?

I never thought I would reach a point in life where I would keep to a safe road and be willing to let a challenge go. Do I really want to though? Is it me saying “no” cos I want to be safe or just me saying “no” because I can’t pull it off? Are they the same things?

My mind convinces me that if the decision and the consequences are only mine to bear than that is fine. But. And this is a big “BUT”. How do you turn away from a possibly good outcome just because you have others depending on you?

“If I were 24 and had nothing here, I would have gone to Dubai.”

I remember saying that not so many years ago. Now I have a similar opportunity like Dubai but I get to base myself here at home. Isn’t that a better scenario?

If I were to take the road less traveled but exciting nonetheless, does that make me a braver person or just stupid to even consider just blindly following the masses?


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