when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


Hurrah for Marvel Comics…

…for getting me through another life when the brain just wants to remain out of thoughts.

I used to collect Marvel comics when I was a teenager. There was Comic Mart at Serene Centre opposite the road from Adam Hawker Centre. Spent many hours there just reading titles, imagining plots and gazing at many covers as I could.

My favourite was the “What If” series followed by Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch as well as good ol’ Spidey.

Needless to add, I bought most of those. Back then, Singapore never was lucky enough to get the first edition so I made do with direct editions, telling myself that it’s the same. 50 years down the road, I was going to sell them for lotsa cash. I don’t tell myself that anymore. And I also tell myself that maybe it wasn’t Singapore but me that didn’t realize there were other shops that did sell first editions.

However, it doesn’t matter now since I no longer intend to sell the comics. They have become this stash of “me time” that I value. At the end of a long day, when I don’t want to struggle with inherent concepts in a book or the plot in a novel, comics take me to that place for a short time when it’s okay to imagine.

Perhaps it’s not only Marvel comics but the imagination that I should cheer.


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