when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


Listverse and other thoughts

I am probably slow but I just discovered Listverse.

Man. All. That. Information.

It tickles the edges of memory and assumed knowledge about so many things that filtered across my eyes before to be stored away and not thought of. Until it lies in front of me, again, in a list of the top 10 things that I cannot restrain my gaze from devouring.


Well. Interesting enough that it got me to actually log on and do another post. It’s been seriously long and I honestly came to a point when I think I moved away from this blog. Sure, there were many words I wanted to write, many pictures to post and many thoughts to capture. I let them all fade with the night.

The other evening, I saw that Singapore was having a full moon. It was lying low in the evening sky and illuminated much of the road ahead. Wish I had a camera mounted on my car’s roof.

Yesterday I bought a copy of National Geographic Traveller. The April/May 2009 issue. It said “50 great tours” or something like that on the cover. I must have been thinking “whyever not?”

Friday morning just. I was on a 7.45am flight from Bangkok to Singapore on Sq971. I had trouble sleeping. The chair had me seated in an awkward angle. I had a muscle on my left back that ached throughout the weekend. Except when I was running in the gym. Why does exercise make the muscles feel so good?

Created a new gmail email account. Can’t believe that there are 100+ people with my name running around. they took all the natural sounding variants of AK. buggers.

Based on the WP stats, I have readers surfing by looking for information about the Maldives and pictures from Kuredu Resort where I stayed 2 years ago. I should post more pictures up.

I will continue reading Listverse now.


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