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Trying to shop at the Singapore IT Show

Made my way to the IT Show at Suntec.
This year,they actually had to stop and regulate traffic from the first floor! Must have pissed off the shops and/or people renting the function rooms on level 2 and 3 though.
Amazed that there’s still loads of people even though 1) we are in a recession and 2) the whole Suuntec,Marina Square area changed their policy to per minute parking(even on weekends!) to take advantage of drivers coming to the area to eat,shop and play.
Pictures to come in next post -can’t upload from E71.



  Cat wrote @

Stupid IT fair… It took me 20 bleardy minutes to get from Giordano to the exit on the other end just cuz of the hoards of people going to the fair! All the pushing and shoving and nudging. I felt like opening my giant umbrella and keeping everyone at bay. Did ya get anything?

  Cat wrote @

I just realised. You have the e71. How is it? Is it a bitch to text?

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