when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


Random thought of the evening

Was continuing to complete my reading of counterfacutal history book “What if” collection by Robert Cowley and chanced upon this random thought.

So in the case of this blog surviving beyond me, I am going on record to state, that in the next century or two, I am of the opinion that the nation-state as a concept will cease to exist. Instead, we will have massive corporations – think GE (before it fell 50%) multiplied by 50-100 bigger, with revenues that are many times the GDP of some island nations now – actually running land masses that approximate themselves to our understanding of a country presently.

These corporates will operate the day-to-day needs and concerns of millions of citizens (now renamed employees) and use these employees to fuel the growth of the corporate. Employees will have their needs met as long as these conform to the corporate mission and HR’s objectives. The upside is that everyone will be gainfully employed and will have everything planned for by a committee. Although not everyone will have the chance to rise up the ranks as we do now so self-realization and probably Maslow’s theory will need to be re-thought. Migration or jumping to a another company will probably be out of the question. And salary might become a thing of the past. Why would you need a salary when everything is paid for already? And terminating someone’s services might no longer be an issue of looking for a another company…it might be more permanent.

Several questions come to mind focused on areas like sale/provision of services, access to resources and expansion plans.

1. Business will need to be re-thought as well since there can only be a limited number of them around, so who will they sell products or services too?

2. Since resources are limited to the geographical area the corporate is based in, and the birth rate of the employees, what happens when the corporate needs to expand? Are we looking at a futuristic pre-industrial revolution Europe – where wars are fought over resourcing?

3. Corporates make the Space programs of many present countries much more of a reality since they can focus appropriate resources without needing the approval of every citizen. As long as the profit margins make sense, why not develop and seed humanity throughout Space? Besides, being a profit-realization tool and looking at the track record of public vs. private R&D presently, employees sent to populate Space or planet discoveries will probably stand a higher chance of survival and be better equipped to live. They will probably operate with a far different mentality than that of discovery only since they will have a shorter window to generate income/revenue before their window for glory closes.

In an ironic sense, the Corporate Nation might actually become more of a monarchy or even a communist state of being than republics could be nowadays.


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