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Blue Basil

Met Winston, Clement, Gary and Wen (+ significant other halves; except for Winston and Feli who claims she is/was overseas) at Blue Basil for brunch today. Sorry Gabb, wish you were here – remember to tell us when you are coming back. =)

You can check out the menu online; quite worth the buck for $39.90 buffet although this is one of those meals where they take your order and bring back like 10 plates of the item. Really good ambience, laid-back, shop-house environment. Could have been slightly faster with the food orders but again, the food was really good, so it was worth the minutes waiting.

Recommend for those who have the time on Sunday morning/afternoon until 3pm, to just sit and talk your way through makan. This naturally wasn’t a problem for us today.

To get to the place, you need to park at Cairnhill Plaza, and walk past Mt. Elizibeth Drive and cross over to Cairnhill road. Takes you all of 10 minutes to get there.

Parking’s a slight drag though with the direction parking fees in Orchard (and the rest of Singapore) have been going. Trust me, it really isn’t funny. If you want to note, it’s $3.50 for the first 3 hours followed by $1.50 per 30 minutes. I think retailers in Singapore are 1) patriotic – follow the government push to take public transport and 2) idiotic since they are literally driving customers away from Orchard. Honestly, we are in a virtual (technical) recession and they want me to spend on parking? Tsk.

Anyway, for those interested in Blue Basil, you can check out their website at http://www.bluebasil.com.


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I linked your review about Blue Basil @ hereing.com. Hope it’s ok. Thanks

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