when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


Rainy evenings and Chrome

I can’t really figure this out but it’s been hot every morning and rainy every evening. Someone up there really doesn’t want me to either:

a) go swim & tan on a weekend (maybe cos I will get irradiated by sun rays)

b) go running on a weekday evening (it’s too wet, don’t want to skid onto the road…accidentally)

c) go out at all (I ain’t carrying no umbrella man!)

More than the rise in the stupid mass transport (read: MRT and taxis), this weather is making me pine for the comforts and convenience that a car will provide. For those I have been talking to, you know what I am looking at. 

In other news, did a real short trip to Phnom Penh for biz. The concierge told me that I couldn’t take photos in the Royal Palace, which really dampened the enthusiasm to go. Especially since my memory isn’t that good and I rely on photos to remember places I have been to. And of cos to contribute to Project 365, which I have been neglecting lately. So long story short, ended up staying in the hotel the whole of two days, which wasn’t too bad. The way the streets looked told me I didn’t miss too much. 

Welcome back Sa! I miss the Maldives…*sigh* Those were the best 6 days of non-activity ever!!

Oh, decided to give Chrome a try. So far so good, think it is not too bad. Still prefer the layout of the latest Firefox though. I mean Chrome’s pretty simple to use, but the customization I still can’t figure it out. Will give it a few days, and either a) the novelty wears off or b) I get used to it and don’t switch back or c) I move to Safari (which is rather difficult).


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