when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


Someone out there is actually paying attention to my Flickr account…

…so here I am sitting in my living room, all is silent, silent to the point that you can either hear ringing in the left ear or laughter in the right. OK. I know that sounds freaky but it’s just silence that brings about the ringing. Not too sure about the laughter though, although I think that it’s all in the mind.


So anyway, I was checking my email and I got one from the Schmap Sydney Guide which is due to be published mid-September 2008. And they have shortlisted one of my photos from my Flickr account. *beam*

That does kinda make my day even though I won’t get paid for it, but full credit will be attributed to me.

So maybe some, I dunno, 1 million tourists to Sydney might get to see my picture for a few seconds. That has got to count for something. *grin*


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