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Dark Knight, Flying into New Delhi and the Changi airport website

If you haven’t watched Dark Knight yet, go watch it. It’s good, the storyline is good, the actors are good and the visuals are awesome. ‘Nuff said.

Flying on a Sunday for work can make one extremely sian. Had to reach Delhi on Monday for a series of meetings before the trade conference on Tuesday. Helps that the trip started with a short makan session in the Silver Kris Lounge and ends with SQ’s biz class (comfortable) seats. Watched 3 movies and drank lots. *burp* *lol*

Lotsa leg room!

Lotsa leg room!

Surprisingly, the customs at the Indira Gandhi airport were really efficient. I was out of the airport within 20minutes, on the way to the Taj Palace Hotel. Even Changi with their biometric cost-so-much-to install system takes longer and I am a citizen!

Oh, and the gripe about the Changi Airport website? It amazes me that, whichever organization is trying to promote the retail experience in the public area of T3, the website is so super unfriendly. There doesn’t seem to exist anywhere on the internet a page that lists the retail tenants at T3. That makes it hard, I would say, for shoppers to want to make the long public transport trip to T3…only to find a McDonald’s, a BK and probably a Ya Kun. What shops? Maybe there are but you know, I would have to probably rely on a hunch. And if I were driving, I would just forget about it. Petrol is too expensive these days. If I were a tourist, I wouldn’t be too excited to land at T3. It’s more of the same old.

New terminal – so what, the website sucks.


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