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I seem to slide at posting when work seems to pile…

…and that’s not good. BUT it’s kinda tough when you stay late at work and the first reaction upon reaching home is to just crash out with a game. Or watch TV – Tuesday nights have got good programs – never thought I would admit that. Or just MSN and not log onto email. Cripes, you think it might be a slight bit not-so-good if you don’t even want to check your own personal emails when you get home.

Am sure that this does not apply to all those people who have the slacker-time to check email when they are at work. But it’s fine. Even though I have had to wean myself off MSN, and Skype and Twitter and FB and all those other (wonderful) connective technologies. I comfort myself with the idea and the impression that I am more productive at work and get more done…even though I am working 12 hour days.

I blame that part of the world that is 3 hours behind me. *lol*

Anyways – as I always do, my life for the past month…in pictures and captions.

This is Scamps. She’s my rabbit. Ain’t she cute? That’s her chair. She has laid claim to it and will give me the “beady” eye if I try to rush her for the chair.

We had a BBQ at my place about two weekends ago. Meat from The Butcher, tasted damn good. I want to try the Aussie set next!

Okay and we were definitely contented after the makan.

Right, and then on Mal & Kenneth’ wedding the week after at Shangri-la. Man, that is still a really nice ballroom even after all the many times I have been there for functions.

Congrats Mal and Kenneth! *grin* Wish you both lotsa joy and happiness!

Just after their vows

Getting experimental with the camera

Getting experimental with the camera

Framed by a beautiful stage backdrop

Framed by a beautiful stage backdrop

The other wedding pictures are on Flickr so lemme know if you need to be added on.

Oh, and I watched several movies during the weeks. “Lord of the Rings – Return of the King” is a definite no-brainer. Watch that 20 times! “Kung-Fu Panda” was comedic but not a movie I would catch at the cinema; more of a in-flight entertainment movie. “Hancock” was not too bad. Will Smith was good as usual but the storyline was corny and anti-climatic. Wait for Chinese New Year repeats. “Get Smart” gets thumbs-up from me! I would watch it again to laugh through another weekend night. *lol*


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