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Iron Man, Shang Jakarta, Singapore Flyer, Oasis from Kallang, Bangkok in April amongst other things

Caught Iron Man yesterday at GV Plaza. Good movie but didn’t need the Marvel franchise to help sell it. It could have been called “Man of Steel”, “Seventh X”, “Crash, boom, bang” etc and it would still be an action movie. Thing is, there seems to be this trend that Marvel comic movie adaptations do not seem to follow the Marvel universe storyline at all. The movies twist the facts and change the characters. Seriously, Nick Fury a black man (only for those who stayed behind after the movie credits)? S.H.I.E.L.D forming the Avengers? *Sigh*

I would love to watch them do a Adam Warlock and the Infinity Gauntlet movie one day. Think it will have to be a cartoon though. Not enough budget to hire all the big names to fit the movie.

Dark Knight is out this June. That should be a movie to catch. So will the Steve Carell movie. He’s really becoming the funny man.

Uploaded my Singapore Flyer photos here.

Stayed at the Shangri-la in Jakarta for a biz trip – check it out if you are staying at the same hotel. Photos of the view are here. It wasn’t too bad a hotel and I was very impressed by their garden landscaping. Check it out.

Was in Bangkok for some biz and play over a weekend. Uploaded the photos here but check out some of these as well. Bangkok is becoming a harder place to bargain at. Although to be fair, April – July is their off peak period for shopping and prices are already as cheap as they can get…for tourists. Go try the food out at the “red chair” restaurant at Chinatown or the Tawadung Brewery out of the city centre. Both journeys will be about 30mins by taxi if you stay at the Silom or Pratunam areas.

We celebrated the March babies birthday at Foo’s House in March. Those who want the photos can ask me or go to my Flickr site and grab it from there.

Had dinner at the new Oasis restaurant located at Toa Payoh Park. This is the same Taiwanese porridge restaurant that was housed at the old Kallang hub. This is now making way for the new Singapore Sports Hub. Food menu is similar but the quality of the food has dropped. Prices are more expensive as well. 6 people, 8 dishes, $100. Photos are here.

Looking forward to a trip to KL this week (finally get to stay at Traders again) and BKK (Conrad this time) again the week after. Will post more photos when I am able to.

Btw, love the new WordPress Flash photo uploader and process. Quite well done! Keep it up WordPress team!


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