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Not watching Euro 2008

Starhub is going to charge premium prices for the Euro 2008 matches. Read about it here.

That sucks MAJORLY. Starhub, if you somehow stumble across this page, let me assure you that if I could have used more explicit language to describe exactly what I feel about the increase, it would be banned by WordPress.

I guess I won’t be catching most of the matches this Euro 2008, no thanks to Starhub.

In case you haven’t got the message, that’s one of the worst ways to treat customers. Shame on you Starhub.



  misscheryltan wrote @

singapore’s way of making money.
holy moly!
and i thought that i could catch some soccer action after being stuck in this hockey crazy country!
sigh pie.

  smellybelly wrote @

shall i hook you up to my starhub partner? 😀


  inspirethereal wrote @

hey Cheryl, yeah well if you were planning on coming back just to catch the matches then no point la. Starhub is just out to milk their customer base.

hey CanL, is your Starhub partner mentally prepared to handle a very long monologue?

  Euro 2008 Groups wrote @

We have a similar problem back home, SA – where major events like the Euro2008 Tournament are only aired on pay TV – effectively killing it for those who can’t afford it. Roll on Soccer World Cup 2010.

No kidding jokes aside, if Croatia could have given England carrots – then my pick going through from Group B would be Croatia.

They could easily out muscle Germany – who to be fair has been pretty inconsistent in my book.

I fancy an Eastern European side to take the Euro 2008 and can’t wait to watch it on telly – DSTV back home.

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