when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


3 lessons I learnt from observing my fish

Lesson one:  A fish will grow to an appropriate size to fit the tank it is in.

This means that the size of a tank is a factor in the growth and therefore final size of a fish, as long as all factors are kept constant i.e.food, water quality, filtration, temperature etc.

Much like humans, small fishes in big ponds survive longer and grow bigger than big fishes in small ponds.

Lesson two: Fish are particular about the type of food that they are used to.

Fish have shown that they will ignore food they are not used to or dislike until the survival  instinct kicks in and they willeat for subsistence. But my fish have shown me that if I toss both types of food into the tank, they will let the disliked brand feed the algae growth at the bottom of the tank.

Again, like humans, we work for a range of reasons but given optimal conditions, we will ignore perceived benefits that we do not like and will tolerate a certain degree of discomfort in order to get what we want.

Lesson three: Fish like plants, they like being able to shelter amongst the leaves, providing them with some measure of security and safety from currents, tides and other omnivorous fish.

Plants represent a safe haven for most fishes, especially those new to the tank or to those that are smaller in size. Plants demarcate a safe place where they are able to hide, eat or lay eggs.

Humans have the tendency to seek shelter, figuratively, in  places that provide them with safety, with benefits (e.g. money, stability) and where we are able to form communal groups. Like in companies where enough small fish can form a representative voice through departments or through committees.

IF you are still wondering what’s the point of this post, don’t let it bother you. My past month has been about finding a tank and making an educated guess on the aquatic environment, hoping that it is stable and encourages growth.


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