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2 things that made gave me a lump in the throat…

In Saturday’s Straits Times, the one paragraph in the article by Ms. Chua Lee Hoong, Political Editor, “There was one evening at the neighbourhood Shop N Save when an elderly woman in her 60s asked me to look at the price tag on a 50g bottle of Nescafe. I looked and told her the price. It was now dearer by almost a dollar. She sighed, and put the bottle back on the shelf. I would have bought the bottle for her if I could be sure she wouldn’t be offended, but I chickened out.”

That paragraph made me choke. Why I cannot explain in words, just a shared feeling with the journalist, that had it been me at Shop N Save that evening, and watching her reaction, I wouldn’t have known what to do either.

At the karaoke last night, I watched Avril Lavigne’s MTV “When You’re Gone” again for probably the fifth or sixth time since the song launched. That part of the MTV where the old man touches the sheets where his wife used to sleep; when he pours himself a glass of champagne and dons his best suit; and when he breaks down at his wife’s tombstone, those scenes always bring a big lump to my throat.

The visual scene brings such an empathetic reaction that again I cannot verbalise but I am sure we all think and feel at some point on some day.

Here’s the video.


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  Cat wrote @

Just reading it brought a lump to my throat. For me, I think it’s the fact that they’ve already gone through so much in life, that now in their “frailer” stage of life, they should not have to be put through such trying times and extreme emotions. I know there’s more to it for me; but like you, I just can’t amply put it to words.

Have a good lunar new year, my friend.

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