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One feature about a Sony Vaio that you need to know…

…if you feel as strongly about being able to customise your display screen as I am.

There is this box that lets you know which connections, e.g. WLAN, Bluetooth, LAN, modem, etc, that you are on. It is irritating like hell, since it sits on top of all your open applications. Meaning wherever you move the bloody box around, it will still obsure some functionality or toolbar that you have.

ANYWAY, the solution can be found by right clicking the VAIO Smart Network icon in your taskbar and  selecting “hide floating window”.

Fantastic. That took me like 30minutes to find that out by googling, reading the Sony APAC support site (which was bullshit) and then experimenting with control panel for abit. Honestly, you would think that they would have made it more intuitive by now.




  Selida wrote @

Eureka! I have been looking for the answer to this ever since i got my laptop a few weeks ago. Interesting that nobody could tell me how to remove it or even what it is called. I have made 5 phone calls to Sony support, and I took it into the sony store, but until now, nobody could help. Thanks!!!!!

  inspirethereal wrote @

Hello Selida, no worries! Glad it helped.

The 30 minutes of googling also showed lots of people on forums grappling with the same problem.

I figure that Sony probably thinks we all want that floating window on top of everything we are doing maybe mistakenly cos they think it’s cool? tsk.

When will they learn?

  Derek wrote @

Fantastic…managed to find this page and your solution really quick and I reckon you’ve saved me a lot of heartache…thanks!

  UniCav wrote @

Great but anyone got a clue why the tray icon for Bluetooth LAN won’t go away even though it’s set not to show up if there’s a problem or when it’s connected? The icon shouldn’t be there at all but it stays anyway.

  inspirethereal wrote @

Hello UniCav,

Is the tray icon the same as the box in the entry or the one in the taskbar?

  alex wrote @

oh I see! that`s now 9 months of doing presentations having a stupid irrelevant floating thing which I have to move every time it covers up an important bit

  Ernst Danner wrote @

Herzlichen Dank für den Tipp, wie man dieses “floating window” mit den Statusangaben zum Vaio Smart Network vom Bildschirm bzw. vom Destop löschen kann! Ich habe nicht nur eine halbe, sondern mehr als eine ganze Stunde geübt, bis ich dank Ihrem Hinweis einen Rechtsclick auf das Symbol in der Taskleiste gemacht habe und dann “Gleitfenster ausblenen” wählen konnte!

  Dr Howard Camm wrote @

I have a new Sony Vaio NW20SF running Windows 7. Where do I turn on/off the ridiculous floating toolbar which obscures more than it reveals?

  Katherine wrote @

Thank you so much! I have been looking for the answer to this forever. I also spent a large amount of time going through the control panel… who would have thought? Many thanks for the post!

  Karen wrote @

I appreciate this advice but where do I find the VAIO Smart Network icon on the task bar? I have rolled my mouse across ever icon but t hat one isn’t there. I have right clicked on the taskbar and looked for it, don’t see anything like it. So I’m still stumped and I hate that bloody floating window! Thank you for any suggestions.

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