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Korea here I come!

Am headed off to Korea in a couple of hours!! Felt good to have a full day of leave to myself earlier today, although there were still at least 3 phone calls. *grimace* gawd, I will never be free of them.

Some quick photos to post up…from the past week.

1. Had steamboat at Lorri and William’s place last Saturday! Thanks for the yummy food both and to MT for the umm “fishball with filling” item that I cannot identify.

Before the Gorging begins…

2. At Balaclava with Tze Wei and XP after steamboat earlier in the night. Bala is deeaad on a Saturday. The band sounds like someone is grabbing them by the balls and squeezing…hard. They must have done like 20 “high note” songs the whole evening. Like the Bee Gees but worse.

XP wearing Tze Wei’s glasses

3. Liverpool drew with Blackburn. Bloody hell!

4. Fishing the next morning again. Set off from Punggol like too early in the morning. Managed to catch lots of fish but importantly nice photos! =) All pictures taken with a Nokia N95.

Smiley face on flag?

Recurrent theme - sunlight on water

5. Liverpool won 8-0. Perfect. Keep it up! =)


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  Cat wrote @

sigh, i really hate how the n95 takes such blue pictures. we just freaking look like zombies. if there’s a reason for my switching phones (perhaps back to SE), it’d be the cold colours of the camera. i wish there were a hardware upgrade option that gives the cam a complete overhaul. oh wait, you’re no longer the nokia guy. wahaha. but anyhoos, that’s my gripe.

have fun in korea!!

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