when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


Random thoughts and some photos

Just some thoughts as they occurred to me over the past week. Pictures wherever possible.

17 Oct 

“Bro, you wish…”

iPhone peddler

Charles peddling the iPhone. Next thing he will be wrapping hands around new laptop.

21 Oct 

Fantastic lunch that Sam and Philippe rustled up. Each course with one bottle of wine…or more. Lunch finished at 6pm that Sunday. Thanks for inviting!! =)

Yum.Would you believe these are mushrooms?

Check out the cheese(s)!!Sa & Wayne - go figure

At the end of the meal,we had more glasses than dishes…

22 Oct 

Is it just me or with a red alert, Uncle Sam’s becomes an important installation? Maybe their claypot recipe very the power. Can ensure superior nutrition for our army.

Uncle Sam - American undercover restaurant

27 Oct

Halloween/Secret Superpower party@Novous. Don’t think the service matched the dollar price on the menu. Had a great time attempting to dress up. I was a “South American drug pusher holidaying in Singapore who enjoys playing cards”. I was most likely just confused.

Was a fun night as well! Thanks again Sam for inviting!

Sleepy powers & Boxer!Angel & Devil - what a match

Angel & Confused card playerDevil & a RAWR pirate

Mood shot - Nokia N95

28 Oct

Went fishing with Uncle Joseph and the sisters. We got rained out! We got poured on, drenched, shivering cold, ridiculously wet. And we are going back out again this coming Sunday. Tsk.

The beginning of the rain

That was the only fish we took on board

The raindrops spattering on the sea was very pretty in fact. Didn’t take any photos of them though. Kept my camera safe and dry.

29 Oct 

To the guy who uses the same gym as I do:

“I wish I had stopped you on your way out the door.

I feel very strongly about you coming into the gym and not wiping your perspiration off the equipment that you use. I don’t see why I should have to experience a higher risk  of catching whatever disease or bug you are carrying because you can’t be bothered to be hygienic or polite. Also, there are other people in the gym. Please bloody ask before you decide to assert your power of choice to change radio stations. While I appreciate that you didn’t change it to a lousy chinese channel; please understand that the other people in the gym besides you could have been listening to the station before you rudely changed it.

I will tell you this to your face if I see you do the same the next time.”

31 Oct 

Happy Halloween!! Trick or treat! *grin*


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