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Congrats Wendy and Leo being wife and husband!!

Thanks for inviting us and here are some of the pictures from that night. The rest you can grab from Facebook. That’s right Wendy Lang…facebook, facebook, facebook, facebook, facebook…and one more time for good measure, facebook!!

For those who missed the church wedding, namely Gabrielle Tay, Adrian, Gary Gan, Clement Teo, Marc Ha and Janice Wong:

Wendy walking with her bro; Playing with effects and got a 1960’s shot; Wendy and Leo happily walking out of church.

one chapter into another…

damn 1960’s man..A new chapter begins!

And there were of course the fun shots…

This was what Dawn was doing during mass…=p

I can’t figure out which end this is…Maybe it’s this way…

The event hall @ Chijmes – nice place. Wendy didn’t have a good account manager handling the occasion though. Pssst…I heard her name is Jenny Ng. Boycott!! OR at least ask for a better account manager to handle your wedding. You didn’t hear this from me though.

Event setting

Group photos!

Gabby & Adrian

AK, Gary & Adrian

janice and tam

Toast to the audience. Leonard is thinking “heh, this is easy.” Wendy is thinking “don’t spill it on my $20,000 dress, can already.”

Wendy and Leonard toasting the audience - had abit of that

And finally girls being girls…they had to have the “kawaii” photo moment.

Apparently only Wendy and Sin Huay managed to ‘act funny/cute’ in time…



  Cat wrote @

stop incriminating me!! edit out the moby!! =P

  inspirethereal wrote @

but but you WERE using your moby during the ceremony!!

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