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LT 10 birthday celebration!

So we trudged to Sentosa last Sat to this little restaurant called Coastes to celebrate the LT10 Oct babies’ birthdays. Can’t believe how much Sentosa has developed over the past three-five years! I remember driving there as part of a convoy of cars back in NUS when we (i.e. LT10 group) were really bored, tired of slacking in school and all we had were about cars. Think I was the last car at some point and I kept telling myself “don’t look into rear view mirror”. Didn’t help that no one wanted to follow me in the car back then. They all wanted to stick to the ‘lead car’.

We made our way to Coastes via the “new to suaku me” monorail connecting VivoCity to the Beach Stop. Fine. It’s called the Sentosa Express, a little birdie called the website just educated me.

Anyway, there’s a story behind Coastes, which I feel obliged to share. I called them up about 3 weeks before last Saturday to make a reservation for about 20 pax. They told me that they didn’t take reservations and dry-ly told me that if I wanted an “exclusive” table that I needed to have a minimum spend of $3,000. I was like “WTF!”. So of course, I was rather enthusiastic about telling them “no” as well. To cut a long story short, Tze Wei had to go an hour earlier. XP followed him to get a free ride. And we had 2 people try hold a table for 20 people on a Sat night. Which is tough …anywhere else but Coastes. They must have had enough empty tables to fit another 3-4 groups of our size away from the crowd but they wouldn’t take our reservation. We should have gone to Cafe del Mar instead.

Back to the birthday celebration, it was fun to have the whole group out together. It gets really tough to gather 20 people for a Friday night out especially when 50% of them do not check emails. Here are the pics!

Some of us at umm the sentosa express platform

So we reached Coastes and it looked like kinda “not as fantastic as we thought” that YL kinda had to ‘rub’ her eyes. Or is the correct word ‘dab’?

YL rubbing her eyes

Birthday babies

5 + 2

5 w/o the 2

So dinner started and Sam and I actually did come up with a challenge for them to win between $70 – $100 to do the following:

1. To find and kiss an angmoh. If he/she kisses lip to lip, then bonus $10.

2. To convince a bartender to give a free drink to the birthday kid. Just the effort of trying is enough to pass the task but if they actually get the free drink, then bonus $10.

3. Scavenger hunt of 3 items (items to be photographed) – a bikini, a tattoo and someone wearing braces. Bonus of $10 given if they can get a picture of a Siloso Beach Resort room key/key card.

But of course, no one really tried doing any of that. Maybe weshould have raised more pot money? So by democratic rule minus the birthday babies, we decided to get them some flaming fun instead.

The beginnings of flaming fun

The sequence we are all familiar with as follows:

Why am I the first?

OK OK I’ll drink la. Happy Birthday to me!

So many helping hands…

Now we get serious!

Why me? All I wanted was my birthday wish and pressie.

Basket. Start with me, end with me…

And time for the customary group shot. So retro.

LT 10 group

Then it started raining, so we adjourned to my place for drinks. Instead we ended up playing Wii at 1am.


That was the beginning of course. This was what happened at 4am. Or was it 5am?

Maybe we flick our wrist abit harder can already?

But end of day, we always have fun. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. *grin*



  Cat wrote @

omg wtf did you do to your hair??? ok don’t answer that.
you look like a shaolin kungfu master!

  inspirethereal wrote @

@Cat: that ain’t me la! *muahahaha* tsk and to think you know me how long already. tsk again!

  sam-female wrote @

where are the rest of the pictures? *raises eyebrow*

That day was fun…

  inspirethereal wrote @

wait la. flickr also takes time can. besides i don’t know whether to keep using flickr or not. you want, you drop by one day and take in a thumb.

  sam-female wrote @

hmm…what is wrong with flickr?

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