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PopOut 2007

I had a rather interesting evening yesterday attending PopOut 2007. It was held yesterday at the Suntec Convention Centre and is an event organised by TDM.

Didn’t take any pictures so this is going to be a text-only entry.

Continuing to be impressed that Singapore actually has a solid community of entrepreneurs ready with commercially viable products. Not that I doubted the intellect of our local talent but rather I have always narrow-cast myself into the services area of start-ups. My yardstick has always been about whether a service can be sold. Barring the arguements on passion vs. revenue, I am still inclined towards commercial viability. And in this day and age, “hard” products can also be marketed as “soft” services.

Anyway, the presentation that really impressed me was by Harry (hope I didn’t spell the name wrongly). He is the creator of site bookjetty.com, an amazing site that aggregates results of available books from various online resources. Among them amazon.com, National Library of Singapore and get this, even the National Library of Congress.

Now, while realistically speaking, me in Singapore will find it hard to want to travel to US just to get a book available there, at least I know that the book exists. And in this day and age of international friendships, or rather, just friends that are filthly rich and love to travel, it might not be so far-fatched for someone to help obtain a copy of a book from another country, LEGALLY (I stress) lift/copy the necessary information and pass it on.

The site catalog has several other cool functions like book reviews, ranking systems, tagging systems. Another functionality that blew me off was the SMS/Print function that lets you send a free sms to yourself or print a search result complete with the book title, book code and library abbreviation in-country. And how Harry did this was rather innovative as well, using another site’s sms engine, but that’s for the PopOut 2007 attendees to know. =)

Someone go invest in this guy already.


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