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Where is Yusof?

Now this is a really cool site – it’s titled “Where is Yusof?” and while that sounds really like a localised version of “Where’s Wally?” but in reality it is a…Singapore Currency Tracking Project. Pretty cool – you register and then you essentially enter details where you might be able to track your dollar bills.

It has a pretty cool introduction as well. So go try it out!

– Have you ever wonder who had actually hold on to that particular dollar bill in your pocket before, or just how many hands did it exchange before returning back to you? Well this is the place to find out all…-



  kriscell wrote @

Hi, thanks for mentioning Where is Yusof? on your blog. Do remember to enter some bills ok 🙂

O ya I am the webmaster of Where is Yusof?.

  inspirethereal wrote @

No worries Kriscell. Your website is really original and the idea behind it very creative. Wish you all the best with your site. Drop by once in a while here as well. =)

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