when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


1,128th visitor milestone; BKK tips anyone?; Where do you want to go?

1,128th visitor milestone

26 August – Singapore – When you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you (WYSAASBY), somewhat socially acceptable blogsite, marks its notice of the 1,128th visitor to the blog since May 2007. WYSAASBY started earlier this year with a move from http://www.inspirethereal.blogspot.com and has grown into regular posts detailing Inspirethereal’s many overly cynical, critical and too analytical observations of life in the Garden State.

“This blog must be doing something somewhat acceptable to get repeat visits. In fact, I am really unsure how to react, this stroke of good fortune. I will seek to do my best to continue speaking about the inane, the gripes, Pool, tech and travel. Those will be the focus points in the next few months until we hit the next major milestone.”said Inspirethereal. “Maybe for the 2,257th visitor, I will consider giving away a Uniquely Singapore bookmark or something similar.” Inspirethereal added.

Marking the 1,128 visitor occasion,  WYSAASBY has re-affirmed its commitment to posting semi-interesting entries, somewhat picturesque imagery of travels and from not-so-known “Singapore urban wanderings” and to also try to keep readers up to date on the daily “try not to yawn” life of Inspirethereal.

Readers can continue to recommend, RSS, bookmark, homepage WYSAASBY at http://www.inspirethereal.wordpress.com.

Enquires|Inspirethereal|Inspirethereal dot yahoo dot com dot sg

Seeking information

Inspirethereal is asking for tips to shopping at Bangkok, Thailand.  Please provide address in comments.

1. Are there any places that do great men’s tailoring within 48 hours at reasonable prices?

2. Any recommendations on cool bars, chill-out funky pubs, etc.

3. Do we need to hire personal bodyguards coming from the Garden State? (No, really. OKAY. I was just kidding. No.There is no need to respond to qns 3. Yes, really.)

Website recommendation 

Check out 43 Places in the blogroll. For the lazy ones, yes I can guess who you are, the URL is http://www.43places.com/. Like duh right?


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