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The journey home…

[Written and timestamped for 10 August]

So the day arrives that we need to pack our bags and leave. Man, cliché as it sounds, I want like another week of staying on in Kuredu. It is more than just waking up to a awesome view or actually having the time of day to think about MY ideas and not having to work through someone else’s’ or even just not having to worry about work. The truth is that I liked the slower pace of the day (although time flew by really quickly tho) and the casualness of working with time to do all the activities I could fit in a day.

So we said our goodbyes to the people ‘assigned’ to us over the past few days, Nooh (guest relations), Amir (waiter), Mo (sangu chaffeur) and the room boy(can’t remember his name) and gave them their tips. The eyes didn’t shift and they didn’t spit at me when they saw the tip amount so I infer that it was within the correct range.

One of the last photos taken at the Water Villa

Took the sea plane back over all the islands and like Monday, it makes a person feel really small in the larger scheme of things. If flight was invented in order to humble humankind, it was doing a darn good job on that sea plane over the Maldives.

Small we, Big island

Clouds and island down below

SQ flies only once a day so we ended up spending some time on the airport island’s only hotel. BTW, it’s main shareholder/owner is SATs. Singapore is everywhere!!I guess I should be kinda proud since National Day was just yesterday? Took the flight out of Maldives and back to Singapore for the remainder of the weekend.Have my gripes about the China Nationals who took the same plane as us but I’ll leave that for the next post.

I am already thinking of saving enough to go back to Kuredu…or another island?

Maybe the next resort?


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  chris hallatt wrote @

hi i was on kuredu back in march i agree it was mega and im itching to get back!! u wouldnt happen to have nooh (guest relations) e-mail address? he made our stay amazin and im dying to get back in touch with him
regards chris

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