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Some fish, a spa that worked and another beautiful sunset

[Written and timestamped for 9 Aug]

Happy National Day Singapore! I didn’t carry a flag but I guess that’s fine – no one would have recognised it anyway. What matters is the thought carried in the heart no? An interesting observation I had was that Singaporeans when introducing themselves often think of Country-Race- Language as identifiers whereas other Asians tend to go the Race-Country-Language route. Probably the beginnings of real nationalistic pride perhaps?

Spent the day sun-tanning, collecting sea shells (did you know that they came in so many shapes and colours?) as well as going for a pampering at the spa where the treatment actually worked! Felt really good and didn’t mind the USD65 price tag at all.

view from villa before suntan

Saw some fish swimming around the Villa and pier areas and since it was bright daylight, managed to get a few good shots.

This bugger had teeth! School of fish

And I can’t end a post without the sunset shots – they really completed the day.

my view!!last sunset from villa


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