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The journey to Kuredu…and the Indian Ocean Sunset

My resort has free WiFi!! That is so much like a breath of fresh air although I do not need it, it helps to have it. Like in this case…

Monday morning in Male was interesting. My friend Salmaan met us up and took some time off work to show us around the sights of Male – including the National Museum, the Fish Market, the Local Market as well as just general sights and sounds of the city.

Fish MarketStreets of Male

mosquetorpedo from National Museum

Thanks also to Salmaan, we were able to make arrangements with Kuredu, the resort that I am staying at.

One of the guys that I was liaising with prior to my trip screwed up by not notifying the hotel that I was at about the sea-plane timing that I was supposed to be on. So the hotel guest relations person put us initially on the 9.15am flight which we missed, got our call, put us on the 1pm that was overloaded and secured the 3pm which got delayed. By the time we reached Kuredu, it was nearly 5+pm. Guess who got grouchy and upset? So I conveyed my displeasure in a very short and concise manner, and yet being still so nice about it (had to be, this guy had my next 5 days in his hand) and…he managed to get us a voucher for Francos, their pasta and steak place as well as a late check out on Friday. See what the power of standing up for yourself can do?

Hilton sign@Seaplane terminal - we should all go to Hilton if only for a/cOn board the sea plane to Kuredu

All the little islands we passed by…on the way to Kuredu

Anyways, enough of my trials for Monday. This place is AWESOME! I really do not want to go back to normal life. It was worthwhile shelling out the extra extra for a water villa and an all-inclusive package (that btw does not come with cocktails and hard liquer). I will let the pictures speak for themselves but the service we are getting is SWEET and the memories are so damn WICKED. See, I think I am listening to too many Brits in this place already…

view that can’t be beat!All lining up in a pretty row..

I took a run this morning at 7am along the beach front. Everyone should see this sight at least once in their lives.

Sandbar outside the villaThe sky is so blue…

Will post more tomorrow if I feel like it. It is so relaxing NOT to have to watch the time and just let the day be run by whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. *grin*

Nine hundred and ninety nine cans of beer sitting on the wall…Check out the brillant view..

This is the life…

Check out this shot of the sunset along the Indian Ocean. There’s not a lot of sights that can match this.

Indian Ocean sunset…from my villa


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