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I am in the Maldives!!

Well the day, or week rather has finally arrived! I have packed my bags (really hurriedly on sunday afternoon) and here we are, after a year of not travelling further than BKK. *grin* But that’s another story to tell, this year of “not spending”, which btw, does not include the house. That’s a different league of its own.

First thing I note in the Maldives happened at immigration. Go for the queues at the extreme ends; it is easier for them to open seperate queues there when they see that there are two many people. Don’t be an idiot like me and take the centre queue. The next hint. Get a baby that looks like he/she is about to fall off your arms and crack the head. They will move you to the front of queue.

The ferry ride to the main island of Male reminded me to Tekong Ferry Terminal…without the speedcraft. It was a bum boat that cost USD1 to get onto.

The hotel sent someone to pick us up at the bum boat terminal and the next thing I note as we are driving through small roads is that the people here have no freaking sense of safety!! They let the van get like within 20cm of their faces as they walk…against the traffic!! How smart is that?! So we arrive safely at the hotel, and check in. Think Hotel 81 or Asia Hotel in BKK complete with small alley ways and no-way-to-get-out-yourself syndrome.

Fantastic. I fly across Asia to get a taste of BKK and better yet, I see Nescafe adverts all over the place. Even here also Singapore got touch. jialat.

Central Hotel – here’s the first two shots I took in Male..of my hotel room and the view outside the balcony. More to come tomorrow.

Central Hotel roomView from the balcony


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