when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you


just sharing some photos I took recently…

This one was taken in June with a Nokia N95 at the clarke quay fountain – isn’t it fun to be a kid?

2 kids playing in the fountain

kid gets sprayed

This was a cool one taken at Eastpoint Mall, Simei. It’s an…umbrella dispenser! OMG, I never thought that the management in Eastpoint Mall would be so advanced and in touch with these type of gizmos. =) quote from transformers “it must be Japanese”.

umbrella dispenser@eastpoint mall

Here’s a try-to-be artistic one with a “swirl” bread and a cup of coffee. It also means I was really bored during one of those meetings.

swirl and a cup

And finally to end off, this is a amusing one taken at China Square Central food court.

mobile office

I have heard of the term “mobile office” and “mobile worker” but this is ridiculous. HR’s new way of getting the “work life” balance right?



  smelly wrote @

how come ur n95 pictures actually turned out decent? mine usually looks blurred! 😀 life just isn’t fair.

  inspirethereal wrote @

haha – it takes tons of practice and knowing not to do any blardy night shots…

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