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Tony Blair finally learns to use SMS

How’s this for a refreshing read? Ex-second most powerful man in the world, accordingly to certain sources, finally learns to use additional functions on the mobile phone.

And can you believe he only bought his first mobile phone in October last year? Man, it must be nice being Prime Minister.

Article from Straits Times.

Blair Can Finally Learn To Use SMS



  apparatus wrote @

Oh dear god, let’s never hope that those with charisma ever get elected again. Let’s just stick with people that know how to use rudimentary functions on gadgets, like ipods. Yeah, this’ll be nice.

  inspirethereal wrote @

tks for the comment Apparatus, I believe that charisma in public office is sometimes almost a required attribute. all public office holders have to be able to work with differen audiences and good confident charisma sometimes makes that job easier.

but definitely, they have to be techno-savvy enough to know their way around WM player without deleting all their music or at the very least know how to use a freakin’ phone..

  apparatus wrote @

I wouldn’t be concerned. I believe in modularization. It’s more important one is good at what they do. Being a well-rounded individual in the ways of skills and knowledge is secondary.

  inspirethereal wrote @

true, and sometimes skills are just another form of domain knowledge. perhaps confidence can likewise be regarded as a skill set when it pertains to public office.

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