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No cabs willing to pick me up at Pickering Street on a Tuesday night

I finally had enough of this! After standing in front of Great Eastern Building along Pickering Street for close to 15 minutes trying to flag empty cabs, I finally blew it.

I decided that it was time for me to record videos of people trying to unsuccessfully flag cabs at the Shenton/Raffles area during weekday evenings. This is pure idiocy that we are forced to call for cabs in order to get to a destination…when there are SO many empty cabs with no ‘on call’ signs lit up or placed on dashboards.

Aren’t cabbies supposed to NOT be allowed to pick and choose their fares? They are working for a public transport company. It is NOT my problem that that cab companies choose to charge X dollars for rental. That is BETWEEN the driver and the company to settle. If the drivers feel the rates are too high, then they need to form a representative body to argue their case. Not take it out on customers.

As far as I am concerned, because the companies are providing a PUBLIC service, they better jolly well understand what PUBLIC means. Having to pay an extra $7 during peak hour for a journey that costs $7 is plain ridiculous. If drivers are flouting the rules by choosing their customers then perhaps cab companies should look at not providing a booking service. Everyone queues up at their nearest taxi stand and WAITS.

Of course that would not be viable SO at the end of day it goes back to cab companies balancing their rental rates properly.  And end of day, I have heard enough cabbies tell me that on average they are still bringing home about 2k a month. That sounds rather good; some graduates aren’t earning that much at all. Shame on these drivers for trying to constantly wait for bookings!

Here are the videos.

More to come…trust me. Hopefully with better resolution to capture license plate numbers.


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  tam wrote @

i think u shld send this to comfort and ask them for their comments on this mann! see what happens…

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