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Christina Aguilera – such a sweet concert; far too short

Managed to attend the Christina Aguilera concert last saturday at the Indoor Stadium. My title says it all – it was a great, sweet, wonderful way to pass a saturday evening with friends BUT far too short. Of course, everyone gave the implicit understanding that she was preggers and therefore it was to be expected that she wouldn’t go the distance. *sigh* she didn’t even return for an encore. Apparently the last song was the finale.

Oh..and the funny thing was that the organisers were clearly trying to earn more cash, cos they put the $340 (or was it $390) seats in front of the mosh pit. What self respecting mosh pit is 200 km away from their object of idolation?? OKAY, fine. It was more like 200m away.

So anyway, while I think of means and ways to get her latest album, here are some shots that I managed to catch from my free $190 seats. 

Opening actcimg2450_resize.jpg

The circus comes to townStaring at the giant screens on the sides

cimg2539_resize.jpgIt rained conffetti on the $340 seats…tsk tsk.

And the evening ended, courtesy of the National Stadium ceremony with fireworks.



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