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MusicStation – at what cost?

apparently, there’s going to be a new music download service coming to Asia before iPhone and iTunes. Called MusicStation, both the Financial Times and our own Straits Times have picked up on the initial news.

first thoughts, woah!not bad, at least there’s going to be less trips out to town/Tampines to scour the Sembawangs, and the HMVs just for that one song on that one album that once ripped…will collect dust from then on. unless there’s a HDD party or a CD exchange going on…

but on second thought, how much will they charge for the service? iTunes in the US charges USD$0.99/1.99 per download. i am not sure if local operators/stakeholders will keep to that price. but to be completely honest, anything more than SGD$2 a song, and there’s no difference from buying the CD for $18 since you get lyrics, content and bonus MTVs…sometimes. And the most important thing here, would be these downloads must be portable. it any DRMs are imposed on it, it better not limit transfer to 3 moves or less.

if it is completely portable, and at a reasonable price/download, that this might actually really work!


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