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Cisco telepresence rocks!

I had the opportunity, tks to a client of mine, to sit through a Telepresence demo.

One word: WOW!

I was really impressed with the simplicity and ease of use. There was no lag, no perceptible difference in audio or visual. Importantly, once the group got over the novelty of the technology, it got very easy to actually relate to the people on the other side as almost “being in the same room”. Body language, eye contact and other non-verbal gestures followed the same visual cues of someone physically in the same room.

It was really an eye-opener as well since all audio, visual and data seams were really smooth. There was a mini-demonstration and the person used powerpoint to hit home some points. It felt very immersive and almost, if you pause to think, really surreal.

Of course, there are limitations to the execution of such a tool but given optimal scenarios, it is really very workable and something that might become more mainstream eventually. *fingers crossed*

Found a couple of videos on Youtube that showcased this tech.


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Geek! 😛

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